Naver Shopping now available directly via Naver Search AD

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Now, you can make Naver Shopping campaigns through Naver Search AD (the Korean version of Google AdWords). Before, in order to make your products available through Naver Shopping you had to sign up through websites such as Gmarket, or 11st. All you need is a business registration number (사업자등록증) and a license to sell products online (통신판매업신고증). A lot of people in Korea shop online: on desktop, laptop or mobile (16% of Koreans shop via mobile).

According to eMarketer, the top ten major shopping websites in Korea are:

  1. 11st
  2. Gmarket
  3. Auction
  4. WeMakePrice
  5. Interpark
  6. Ssg
  7. Gsshop
  8. Ticketmonster
  9. Coupang
  10. Lotteimall


Source: eMarketer via Seismic Group (pdf)


According to Alexa, the top commercial websites in Korea are:
  1. Google
  2. Naver
  3. YouTube
  4. Facebook
  5. Gmarket
  6. 11st
  7. Auction
What a Naver Shopping advertisement looks like

The announcement in Korean: 쇼핑검색광고 등록기능 오픈
쇼핑검색광고는, 네이버 통합검색(PC/모바일)의 쇼핑 영역 및 쇼핑 검색 결과의 상단에 ‘상품’ 단위로 광고를 노출하는 이미지형 검색광고 상품으로, 광고를 클릭한 구매자에게 네이버페이 포인트 추가 적립혜택을 제공하는 검색광고 최초의 이용자 리워드형 상품입니다.

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